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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hello Family & Friends!!!!
We know it has been time and we are very sorry. Things have been good but very busy. John has been busy with ALS (Airmen Leadership School) and Jess with the PTO (Parent, Teacher Organization). The kids are growing up too fast. Brianna enjoys third grade, while Jordan can not wait to start school. We just celebrated Halloween and I have attached the pictures to the slide show. Brie was a Disco Diva and Jordan was a Dinosaur!!!!! In the pictures, we took the kids on a "Haunted Hay Ride". Which was a big F-750 truck. The best we can get while here in Japan. :) The hay ride took us to the "Haunted Forest" which was a walking haunted trail that the kids WANTED to do. As we started walking Brie did not want to go. She was crying and scared. It was not scary at all. Jordan did not say a thing. lol. Come Friday night, Halloween night.. the kids went trick or treating..The base allows the host nation to come on base during this time... and when they come on base... They come by the bus load!!!!!! Seriously... we have lines of 50 or more kids & teens trick & treating..It is CRAZY...Some wanted to stop and take pictures. All in all the kids had fun this Halloween.



The Payne Family
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