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Sorry for the delay in updating.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wow. Has time flown by? We are sorry about the delay in updating. Where to start. Brianna finally finished her first season in basketball and the team finished 7-1. Brie started out so shy and so scared that her first couple of games she suffered from a upset stomach. As time went out she finally relaxed and enjoyed playing with the team. So in the end, Brie will be playing basketball again the next season. Here is picture of Brie's basketball photo.

Our day out and about. We decided to take a trip to the beach. The beach we go to we can not go swimming in. We were going to fly some kits, but it ended up being way too windy. The day was started out somewhat warm, but when we went to the beach it was freezing!!! So we did not stay to long. On the way we headed to feed the ducks. We had ducks all around us, but there was one that sat on a post and Brie was able to feed him without him flying away. She was not scared one bit. Unlike Jordan, he would just throw it at him.
All in all it was a pretty laid back day. Here are some pictures from this day. Brie had her new friend Patton join us.

Now on with Easter. We had a great day and weekend. Jordan was so excited. The easter bunny put a new Leapster 2 with Lighting McQueen Logo on it. Brie had 3 new Webkinz in her basket. She can spend hours on the computer playing with them, if she could that is.:) We went to the club for Easter Brunch and then did the egg hunt later that day. No golden egg found this time. Maybe next year. Here are pictures we took with the easter bunny. Jordan was so excited that he woke up at 6am. He wanted to head outside to find eggs, that is why he has is coat on. :) He forgot all about the basket the bunny leaves.

In March John and I were able to find a sitter and go out. We went on a small trip to a Japanese Brewery with teachers and faculty from the school. We had a wonderful time. It was all you can drink and all you can eat. We cooked our food mangolian style and it was so good. After that we headed back to Misawa and went out downtown.
Here is a picture of John and I.

Okay. Well we are sorry for the delay in updating. We hope everyone is doing well. We miss and love you all. Please keep in touch.



The Payne Family
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