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Jordan's B-day Updates.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wow... It has been way tooooo long since we have updated everyone with pictures and family happenings. The summer has started and yet it is still about 60 degrees during the days and 50 at night. We had a few 80 temp days, but not many. But living in a home that has NO AC this is no big deal to us. We see a lot of fog and clouds during this time of the year and they call it "Sea Fog". Well the kids are both home during the day and boy they are driving Jessica up the wall. They are very excited that we will be taking our first vacation while being stationed in Japan in about 10 days. We are going to be heading down to Tokyo for about 7 days. Yes.. 7 Days. We are going to hit up Tokyo Disney, Ikea, Tokyo Tower and of course a few American restaurants that we have not been to in about 3 years or more. There is a OUTBACK, Tony Ramo's, TGIFridays and Hard Rock Cafe to name a few... :) Yes.. we will try to hit them all, even if it is just to take a look and have a appetizer.

We did not get a chance to share some of the pictures of Jordan's B-day Party and where we ate the night of his actual birthday. Every year, we allow Brie to pick out a restaurant for her b-day night. For the past 3 years, she has always wanted to go to a place called Vikings. Well now it was time for Jordan to decide. He decided a place we have never tried and so this was going to be adventure for all of us. We all enjoy Sushi and so we went to place we really don't know the name, but we call it the "Turtle Place". There is a picture of a cartoon turtle on the building. This place was so neat and fun for all of us. It was also very well priced. You order your food on a computer screen located at every table. When your food is ready, it is placed on a mini "Tokyo Train" and stops right in front of your table. Most plates of sushi are around 100 Yen and with about 4-6 pieces. Very good price and fresh.
Here are some pictures of that fun adventure.



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