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Summer Beachcombing.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Well the kids and I decided to head to the shores and just find anything we can find. Our main goal was sea glass, but our first day was all about Sand Dollars. We heard about a place called "Sand Dollar Beach" and so we ventured out. Looking for both sea glass and sand dollars... we ending up finding tons of sand dollars. Whole ones too. We also found 2 baby crabs. They were so cute. The kids were a bit scared. All in all it was a great couple of hours and just fun to get out. Here are a few pics from Sand Dollar Beach.

Now today we headed to a place called "Shipwrecked Beach". They had very old ships that are wrecked on the beach. I don't know the history of them, but I am searching for it. I will let you know what I found. Here we did find our first ever find of sea glass. Tons of it. It was a about 1/4 mile till we ended up coming to the ships, but a nice walk to find beach treasures. The kids and I had so much fun in the last two days going beachcombing. We have definitely found a new hobby while here in Japan. Now my next find is finding a glass ball float. Those are rare and are highly hunted. I will be lucky to leave Japan with one of those. We shall see.
Here are pictures from Shipwreck beach.


Patsy said...

These photos are beautiful. The shipwreck so neat. Would love to do a page on this. The sea glass is also beautiful, you are very lucky to live close to the beach that offers so many wondrful things to see and pick up for memories. Your children are having fun also, good memeories!

Patsy said...

My husband was in the Navy and he found a glass ball float. It wasn't very big but a beautiful green glass. I gave it to a friend of mine for her collection.

Dorothy said...



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