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Summer has come to a end.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Where did the time go? How the summer has ended and how fast our kids have grown. Last week Brianna headed off to 4th grade and boy do we remember living in Fayetteville and sending her off to Kindergarten. WOW!! She has gone a full week of school now and really is starting to understand how much responsibility she will have. She had homework on the first day!! Her teacher is Mr.Crawford, which Jess requested due to volunteering with the school doing PTO. Though all teachers are awesome, she felt that Brianna's personalty would do better with Mr.Crawford.

As we head to week 2 of school for Brianna it starts the first week of school for Jordan. He will start Kindergarten tomorrow (Sept.8)!!! Yes, KINDERGARTEN!!!! This past week Jordan was able to meet his teacher and learn where his classroom was located. He knows the school pretty well with being Jess's little shadow & helper with the school PTO. His teacher is named Mrs. Sterry. She is actually from NC too. On Friday Mrs.Sterry and Ms. Mitchell(Aid) came to the house for a "home visit". They come to observe Jordan and get to know him in his own environment for about 30 min. It is a great way to get to know them too. They gave Jordan his first "family project" homework. Jordan had to create a face that resembled him to be displayed at school. Since it was a "family project", we all were able to help him out. Jess made the shirt, John made the hair, Brie made the eyebrows and Jordan drew the face and wrote his name.
We took a few pictures of Jordan's first homework project.
Here is also a few pictures of Brie on her first day of 4th grade.
We will post again tomorrow with Jordan's first day of Kindergarten.


5BassetBakery said...

Oh my God! The kids are getting bigger and bigger! Looks great.
John and Jess, happy School Year!
Remember when we had to go and everything we had on was "NEW"
Nothing like new smell clothes.
Things are good here in the states. Mom & Aunt Kim are fine. They are getting along and keeping busy with their flower garden and vegetables.
Natasha is good. I spoke to her about 2 weeks ago. She's still learning about adult hood back in the 'ville.
Jenn and I with the BASSET 5, well things are getting "hairy" for now. Still trying to find a decent job. Things are rough here, but we will pull out of this soon.
Carolina Tarheels are off to a good start in F-ball.
Well, get ready for a very cold winter.....love,S


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