We hope you enjoy our journey through Japan.
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Last couple of months in review.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Time for some catching up. Here are some of the events we have not had time to post. Starting with Jordan's first day of Kindergarten. He adores his teacher Mrs.Sterry and Mrs. Mitchell the teachers aid. Also a few with Brie and his friend Olivia

Our next event was in October. We headed out to the Orasie Gorge near Towada. It is about an hour away. The changing colors of the trees is gorgeous and the waterfalls are so beautiful. There is a trail you walk through out the mountains. We did not stay as long as we wanted, so we went back about a week or two later.

This was just a normal weekend at home in October and it had rained and then the sun came out right after resulting in a rainbow. The colors were so vibrant and it seemed so close that we had to take pictures.

Our next event was Halloween. Jordan was Woody from Toy Story and Brie was Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Carribean. Don't you think they look so darn cute??

In early November we decided to head back up to Towada and go to the gorge again and head up to Lake Towada. We stayed a couple of hours and ventured to Tori Gates and a Temple. Very pretty day it was. The colors of the trees were so bright this weekend. The falls were amazing. This was one of the best weekends we had in a while.

Okay.. Well we will post more tomorrow. Love and miss you all. :)



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