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10 Years Old!!!!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I can not believe how fast the years have gone by. Brianna is turning 10 years old tomorrow. As I am running around today making all the final touches on the her birthday party for Saturday, I began to think about my (Our) little girl. She has grown so much in the past year, but to think that she is turning 10 is starting to get me down. Can you believe she is going to be 10!!! I remember the weekend she was born... in the middle of a DC blizzard during Super Bowl weekend. There she was at 2:34pm on Saturday, January 29th 2000. She looked just like her daddy. We called her our Chunky Monkey. She had rolls and rolls of beautiful baby fat. Just a good baby in all.

We have done so much in the last 10 years and look forward to so many adventures ahead that I am sure will take us for a ride. :) Our baby is going to be 10!!!!!

I will be posting pictures and videos from the b-day party. :)

Love and miss you all.




The Payne Family
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